Nevada Banks & Credit Unions That Don't Use ChexSystems

Many banks do not use the ChexSystems screening system for bank account applicants in Nevada. Some skip these screening tests completely, while most opt for an alternative method of testing the eligibility of applicants in Nevada. Most people like to avoid banks that use ChexSystems because these banks tend to make the barrier to entry difficult for people that want to open bank accounts.

Most of the large banks in Nevada incorporate ChexSystems when testing the credibility and eligibility of the customers that want to either apply for a loan or open a bank account. Due to the stringent criteria of ChexSystems, people in Nevada have faced rejections from some of the major banks. Fortunately, many banks in the form of credit unions and community enterprises do not use ChexSystems.

If you are looking to open a savings account or checking account, but are afraid of facing yet another rejection, opt for financial institutions that do not use ChexSystems for their screening. We will discuss some of the many options that fall in this category.

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CIT Bank

The CIT Bank Savings Connect account is the best among banks that don’t use ChexSystems. Unlike many other non-ChexSystems accounts, the CIT Bank Savings Connect is also a high-yield savings account that can help grow your savings much faster than most other banks can.

Features and Benefits:

  • Interest-bearing
  • Minimum balance requirement: $0
  • Monthly maintenance fee: $0
  • Monthly ATM charge reimbursements of up to $30

Why is it recommended for you?

Although CIT Bank has a relatively high minimum deposit ($100) to get started, it offers one of the best interest rates among online banks, and has no opening, monthly servicing, online transfer or incoming wire fees.

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The Best Alternative

The Complete ChexSystems Removal Kit

Our comprehensive ChexSystems Removal Guide includes the exact documents and instructions guaranteed to help you get off ChexSystems and start banking again.

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Bank of the West

Bank of the West is a great option for the people of Nevada. Bank of the West uses UN SDGs as part of its strategies and business practices. This bank has higher purpose objectives and looks to resolve issues along the lines of gender equality and affordable and clean energy living.

They also employ women in leadership and executive roles to ensure diversity within their operations. Not only does this bank support women in different ways possible, but it also finances partners that work towards climate change.

Reasons to Pick This Bank

Bank of the West is a good option for the people of Nevada. Not only does it help major causes, but it also offers a great cash-back credit card when you open an account in the bank. Bank of the West credit card does not require any annual fee, giving you 3% cash-back on groceries, dining, gas, and 1% on everything else. Getting 3% cash back is a great option. However, this card has no upfront bonus, so this may be discouraging for some people. Moreover, groceries purchase for this card will only be limited to supermarket purchases.


  • They support causes such as workplace diversity and climate change
  • Offer cash back credit cards
  • Do not use the ChexSystems report


  • It does not offer an upfront bonus on the credit card

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City National Bank

If you are someone from Nevada who is trying to open a bank account in a bank that does not use ChexSystems for their screening, then City National Bank is a good option that you can pick. This is a great private bank with a rich history of supporting business individuals. It serves startups and entrepreneurs with good financing and relationship. There are niche markets that this bank serves. It has branches in Nevada, New York, California, and more states. This bank offers financial solutions tailored to individuals' needs and services.

Reasons to Choose this Bank

City National Bank is a special financial institution that does not use ChexSystems. It offers financial products geared towards people with higher income credit scores. They have some of the best financial products but are not as easy to obtain. You cannot apply directly to their financial products and must schedule an appointment with one of the bankers. Their credit limits are some of the highest out of all financial institutions.


  • They offer high credit for personal and business accounts
  • They also offer a secure line of credit.
  • Portfolio secure lending
  • Four different credit cards
  • Loans and lines of credit for businesses


  • They do not cater to people with an average credit score

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Nevada State Bank

Nevada State Bank is a great non-ChexSystems bank for the people of Nevada. They employ a helpful local team that serves all financial needs. Whether you want to apply for a home or a business loan, Nevada State bank can make the overwhelming application process easy for the people of Nevada. When you apply for a home mortgage with Nevada State Bank, you will notice that you only have to fill out a quick application form that takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Reasons why you should consider this bank

One of the biggest reasons you should choose this bank includes the experience of personal ownership and belonging. Since this bank employs and serves locally, you can get a good localized and personalized customer experience that you will not get when using a commercial bank. Nevada State Bank offers credit and debit cards that come with EMV chips.

This new technology makes debit and credit flexible in their payment capabilities. Moreover, this card also helps prevent users from payment fraud. When you use this card and make a transaction, the chip card sends a code that records your activity. Nevada State Bank also offers a vivid reward card that helps people quickly earn points.

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Final Words

As you can see, you can experience incredible benefits and opportunities by signing up with banking institutions in Nevada that do not use ChexSystems. Some banks may be tailored to your needs, while others may not. Nonetheless, most banks in Nevada that do not use the ChexSystem are local financial institutes that provide exclusive advantages to the community and excellent customer service.

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