Delaware Banks & Credit Unions That Don't Use ChexSystems

Most people have never heard of ChexSystems, a little-known agency that can have major ramifications for those who have had issues with financial institutions. Like the credit-score system, ChexSystems logs financial indiscretions and can have an impact on future banking ties.

ChexSystems records negative transactions (e.g., failed checks, forced bank-account closures, and fraud). While the system does not score banking activity, a bad note might nonetheless be recorded in a client's financial history. However, some banks do not use ChexSystems to authenticate the financial history of new consumers.

Fortunately, there are still a few Delaware banks that do not utilize ChexSystems for verification. We'll look at some of these banks as possible choices if ChexSystems flags you.


FSNB provides its members with basic and advanced checking accounts that do not require a credit check to open. Each checking account may be opened with a $5 minimum starting deposit and comes with a variety of benefits to enhance your banking experience.

The basic checking account includes free online-banking tools, a VISA Check Card with no monthly or yearly fees, and a savings round-up function that may help you transform your spare change into a nest egg.

Its $5.50-per-statement-cycle cost is eliminated if you maintain a balance of $75+, although there are additional fees for print or picture statements.

The advanced checking account has all of that the above, plus day-early access to your direct-deposit funds. Furthermore, it earns interest after your minimum amount hits $500. On the other hand, its monthly charge is $10.95, with no opportunity to waive it.

Best Aspects:

  • FSNB uses a credit report and ID for verification.
  • You do not have to be in the military to open an account.
  • FSNB does not use ChexSystems.
  • FSNB does not use TeleCheck.
  • FSNB offers a free Visa Check Card with unlimited check writing and fee-free ATM withdrawals at FSNB locations. If you use an out-of-network ATM, the fee is only $1.
  • FSNB uses the Savings Round-Up program
  • Checking options include online, mobile, and text messaging.


FSNB is now open to everybody—regardless of where they live. Take advantage of this opportunity while you can. It might not last. FSNB now uses a credit report, and many people have been denied because of credit problems. However, they do not employ ChexSystems or TeleCheck; therefore, more applicants are still accepted, as compared to traditional banks. You can request to open a new account via phone, and an application will be mailed to you.

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GO2Bank is a pre-paid card service from Go Bank, and we believe it is a step in the right direction. Like the other young "challenger banks," GO2Bank will deposit your direct-deposit check up to two days early, and they offer cashback benefits on a variety of transactions. Your account also qualifies you for the GO2Bank credit card, which has no annual charge and requires no credit check. Cash deposits are accepted at 90K+ Green Dot stations nationwide. Your monthly maintenance cost of $5 is waived if you direct deposit $500+. They also have a good overdraft protection scheme—although there is a $15 fee if you don't replenish the cash within 24 hours.

Best Aspects:

  • Checking accounts include a complimentary debit card.
  • GO2Bank provides mobile banking.
  • GO2Bank has a large network of free ATMs.
  • GO2Bank makes putting cash on your card simple.
  • GO2Bank allows you to pay your bills online.


GO2Bank is an online-only bank that can assist you with opening a checking account. GO2Bank does not employ ChexSystems; therefore, this financial federal credit-union bank is unquestionably a smart alternative if you have terrible credit. Account holders will value the opportunity to budget their money using a mobile app, budgeting tools, and a savings vault. GO2Bank pays 1% interest on every dollar saved in the vault, up to $5K.


Acorns is establishing a name for themselves as a long-term investment site, but what we appreciate is that they provide both checking and savings accounts, too. Best of all, Acorns does not approve accounts using ChexSystems or a credit report! As a result, Acorns Spend is yet another one of our favorite Second-Chance checking accounts. Acorns was created to compete with the major banks, and they provide several exceptional perks.

Acorns offers a Visa debit card and a world-class smartphone app to manage all elements of your new checking account (e.g., budgeting, spending, and security). The $3 monthly fee is easily offset by the ATM fee reimbursement and other perks that come with the account.

Best Aspects:

  • You do not need to fund an Acorns Spend account online to open one.
  • Acorns provides fee-free ATM withdrawals.
  • The Acorns Spend debit card automatically rounds up your purchases and invests the change for greater savings.
  • Acorns provides digital-direct-deposit and mobile-check-deposit options.
  • Acorns does not charge overdraft fees.
  • Acorns requires no minimum balance.
  • Acorns does not conduct credit checks.
  • Acorns is FDIC-insured.
  • Bank-to-bank transfers are free.
  • Acorns’ website supports automatic bill payment.


Acorns does not use ChexSystems. Acorns assists with saving, investing, and earning interest on your savings. Acorns also offers FDIC-protected online checking accounts with limits of up to $250K and fraud protection. If you've suffered bad credit or ChexSystems denials, then Acorns may be the account for you.

SoFi Bank

SoFi Bank is a checking and savings account on steroids. They do not use ChexSystems to authorise accounts.

You receive a debit MasterCard, as well as a nice smartphone app. You may deposit money, write checks, use electronic bill pay, and transfer funds. There are no monthly or overdraft charges. Furthermore, you get interest on all funds in the account! The sign-up procedure may be completed in less than 60 seconds. SoFi is a bank you can trust, with 2.5M+ members.

Best Aspects:

  • There is no monthly cost.
  • There is no minimum deposit.
  • There is no minimum balance.
  • ATM costs are fully covered.
  • There are no hidden bank fees.
  • SoFi Bank provides cash incentives.
  • SoFi Bank offers high-yield lending rates with no credit check.
  • P2P payments are simple and free.
  • You can freeze your debit card while travelling.
  • Deposits up to $1.5M are FDIC-insured through the SoFi Money sweep programme with partner banks.
  • SoFi Bank offers online banking.


SoFi Bank is an online cash-management account that is a fantastic way to avoid ChexSystems. Users may earn 0.25% APY on accounts $500+. You will also get access to SoFi Bank member advantages (e.g., career counselling and financial advice).

Handling Negative ChexSystems Reports

If you do not have the funds to pay off your old, overdrawn bank accounts, then even institutions that specialize in Second-Chance checking may refuse to open a new account for you. Your ChexSystems record is kept on file for five years unless the information in the ChexSystems report is incorrect and you contest it. Even if you close your previous bank account, you must ensure that the bank writes a letter to ChexSystems requesting any negative information to be removed.

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