Utah Banks & Credit Unions That Don't Use ChexSystems

ChexSystems is familiar to those who have gotten a call from their bank, informing them that their account has been canceled, or they have been refused a new checking account. If you've ever been denied a checking or savings account, then you've undoubtedly heard of ChexSystems. However, if nothing like this has ever occurred for you, then you may have never heard of ChexSystems before.

ChexSystems is a consumer reporting agency that keeps track of your checking and savings account transactions according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Banks provide data to the agency. The account holder's Social Security Number and current account health are included in this information. Your ChexSystems report will cover items like account overdrafts, rejected checks, and suspected incidents of fraud. Many of these things will remain on your record for the next five years or more. ChexSystems reports are used by most banks and credit unions when deciding whether to create a new account for you. Thankfully, many banks and credit unions are turning away from using ChexSystems reports these days.

ChexSystems is said to be used by more than 85% of US banks, and they have information on approximately 300M American customers. Every negative listing on a financial activity report is visible to every bank and credit union that subscribes to ChexSystems, thereby making it impossible to open a new account after being barred from your present bank.

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CIT Bank

The CIT Bank Savings Connect account is the best among banks that don’t use ChexSystems. Unlike many other non-ChexSystems accounts, the CIT Bank Savings Connect is also a high-yield savings account that can help grow your savings much faster than most other banks can.

Features and Benefits:

  • Interest-bearing
  • Minimum balance requirement: $0
  • Monthly maintenance fee: $0
  • Monthly ATM charge reimbursements of up to $30

Why is it recommended for you?

Although CIT Bank has a relatively high minimum deposit ($100) to get started, it offers one of the best interest rates among online banks, and has no opening, monthly servicing, online transfer or incoming wire fees.

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The Best Alternative

The Complete ChexSystems Removal Kit

Our comprehensive ChexSystems Removal Guide includes the exact documents and instructions guaranteed to help you get off ChexSystems and start banking again.

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UNIFY Financial Credit Union

UNIFY Financial Credit Union does not use ChexSystems to screen new applicants. To join, you must be an employee of a participating company, or a resident in one of the designated areas.

UNIFY Financial Credit Union offers Free Checking, Right-Start Checking, eChecking, and Premier Checking accounts. To create a free checking account, you must deposit $25, but there are no account-balance limitations or monthly fees. Visa debit cards, free check-writing, and free online and mobile banking are included in each account.

UNIFY Financial Credit Union has a co-op shared physical branch location with the Richfield branch of Mountain America Credit Union. Co-op shared physical branches are available nationwide for account holders who want to access their account.

Navy Federal Credit Union

If you or a member of your family have served in the military, then joining the Navy Federal Credit Union is an excellent choice. This national credit union provides checking, savings, CDs, MMFs, and more.

As a bank member, you will be granted access to 300+ physical branches and hundreds of accessible ATMs. Additionally, Navy Federal Credit Union has been praised for its exceptional customer service.

Finally, Navy Federal Credit Union offers a broad range of competitively priced financing options, although you'll need to find out if you meet the requirements to join.

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Southwest Financial Federal Credit Union

The headquarters of Southwest Financial Federal Credit Union are in Dallas, but the credit union's web services allow members to join from anywhere. After logging into your eBrand account, you can check your accounts, move money across your accounts, and pay invoices. You may also deposit checks, get account notifications, and access your bank statements, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

To top it all off, Southwest Financial Federal Credit Union offers a wide range of financial services and products (e.g., checking, savings, and retirement savings accounts). Additionally, Southwest Financial Federal Credit Union maintains a network of 55K AllPoint ATMs worldwide for your convenience.

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Staley Credit Union

Staley Credit Union is not a federally chartered credit union but a state-chartered financial institution. For workers of SEG Select Employee Groups businesses and their families, Staley Credit Union serves members in multiple counties across Illinois, Indiana, and Tennessee.

Staley Credit Union covers account holders up to $500K via American Share Protection and Excess Share Insurance Corporation, notwithstanding the absence of NCUA insurance. They also provide a Staley Renew Checking Account for those who have difficulty obtaining a checking account in the past. Staley Credit Union requires a more significant initial deposit than the competition; however, their monthly charge is lower than the industry average at only $7.

SoFi Money

SoFi Securities LLC, a FINRA-registered broker-dealer, does not rely on ChexSystems for account approval.

They offer a SoFi Money Cash-Management Account. It's like a bank account on speed, which is precisely what we like about it! The registration procedure may be completed in less than a minute, and as soon as you join and make your first deposit of at least $10, SoFi will credit your account with an extra $25! In this package, you'll also get a MasterCard debit card, as well as a sleek smartphone app with which you may make deposits, write checks, use electronic bill pay, and transfer funds. Neither monthly nor overdraft fees are incurred. Plus, you can earn interest on all your money!

SoFi Money is accessible in all 50 states, and no minimum balance is required. It's free to use, and reimbursement for ATM costs is unlimited. Further benefits include career counseling, financial planning, automated bill payment, and on-the-go debit-card freezing in the event of suspected fraudulent activity.

Varo Bank

Varo Bank is an internet-only financial institution that provides its services via mobile applications for iOS and Android. None of Varo Bank's 55K+ AllPoint ATMs charge fees. Varo Bank also offers powerful budgeting tools and automated savings programs. You don't have to make an initial deposit to start a Varo Bank account. No monthly debit-card transaction, transfer, or replacement fees are ever charged.

Finally, Varo may deposit your funds faster than most banks if it gets a paycheck notice before your payday.


If you are one of the millions of people in the United States who have had problems due to banking errors in the past, then rest assured! You can still re-establish yourself in the financial system with the assistance of the above listed financial institutions that are not affiliated with ChexSystems.

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