Minnesota Banks & Credit Unions That Don't Use ChexSystems

Do you reside in Minnesota and have a negative ChexSystems rating? The struggles of ChexSystems denial can be a real inconvenience for your financial activity.

Luckily, if you are a Minnesota resident, then you can get a second chance to get your life back on track. Here are the banking institutions and credit unions in Minnesota that do not use ChexSystems.


Current is a financial technology firm that does not use ChexSystems. They also pay you up to two days early when you direct deposit with a Current premium account.


  • Fee-free overdraft protection up to $100
  • 40K+ fee-free All-Point ATMs
  • No minimum-balance requirements or hidden fees.
  • Cashback-reward system


  • No mobile app customer-care support
  • Charges fees to deposit funds

To learn more about Current Bank, click this link and find out what other clients have to say.

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CIT Bank

The CIT Bank Savings Connect account is the best among banks that don’t use ChexSystems. Unlike many other non-ChexSystems accounts, the CIT Bank Savings Connect is also a high-yield savings account that can help grow your savings much faster than most other banks can.

Features and Benefits:

  • Interest-bearing
  • Minimum balance requirement: $0
  • Monthly maintenance fee: $0
  • Monthly ATM charge reimbursements of up to $30

Why is it recommended for you?

Although CIT Bank has a relatively high minimum deposit ($100) to get started, it offers one of the best interest rates among online banks, and has no opening, monthly servicing, online transfer or incoming wire fees.

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The Best Alternative

The Complete ChexSystems Removal Kit

Our comprehensive ChexSystems Removal Guide includes the exact documents and instructions guaranteed to help you get off ChexSystems and start banking again.

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Sable International

Sable International does not pull your credit history when you open a checking account. You can open a bank account within minutes and access a debit card and protected credit card.


  • Most of the services are fee-free, with no minimum-deposit requirements
  • 2% cashback when you use certain brands
  • Get an unsecured credit card faster than conventional banks
  • No Social Security Number required
  • Send fund to 55+ countries


  • Takes up to four months to get an unsecured credit card
  • Increased fees for smaller transfers
  • Compulsory service upgrades for faster transfers
  • Online foreign transfers are restricted

Several people in Minnesota have chosen Sable International Bank. Click this link to learn what they have to say about their services.

American Federal Bank

American Federal Bank does not use ChexSystems. However, they do credit checks. American Federal Bank provides a fee-free account called “The American Account.” You do not need a minimum balance, and there are no monthly fees. Feel free to visit their website and learn more about their services.


  • Unlimited check-writing
  • Access to numerous banking products
  • Access to mobile-app services
  • Multiple American Federal Bank physical branches across Minnesota


  • Opening deposit of $100 required
  • Does credit checks

Learn more about American Federal Bank

Gate City Bank

Gate City Bank does not use ChexSystems. However, Gate City Bank requires Choice Point to verify your identity. You do not pay monthly fees, and there is no minimum-balance requirement.


  • Some of the easiest banking services to qualify for—irrespective of age.
  • Free money management apps for checking accounts
  • Instant free ATM use after opening an account
  • Free online-and-mobile-banking services
  • Free financial-management tool on mobile app
  • Gifting program for new accounts, plus check cards and unused check returns
  • Has physical branches


  • Low interest rates
  • Shortest credit-checking period is 90 days

Overall, Gate City Bank's services are best for those who want to open a checking account with no monthly charges. Additionally, Gate City Bank has multiple local branches in Minnesota. Finally, Gate City Bank can meet all your financial needs.

Learn more about Gate City Bank

Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union

Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union can give you a second chance and help you get back on your feet.


  • Savings account with overdraft security


  • Requires a $100 minimum balance
  • Charges a 2% monthly fee
  • Membership requires you to live, work, study, worship, or volunteer in the Blue Earth, Nicollet, or Le Sueur Nation

Learn more about Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union

United Savings Credit Union

While United Savings Credit Union does not use Chex Systems, it does perform a credit check.


  • No minimum-balance requirements
  • Unlimited check-writing
  • Identity theft protection


  • Runs credit checks
  • Must live within 75 miles of their headquarters in Dilworth

Learn more about United Savings Credit Union

Westconsin Credit Union

The Minnesota countries where you can access WESTconsin services include Dakota, Goodhue, Chisago, Ramsey, and Washington. We recommend that when applying for a checking account, it would be best to go for the Foundations Checking Account. The application and eligibility processes are lenient.


  • Access to debit cards
  • No minimum-balance requirements


  • Many eligibility restrictions and limitations
  • Requires an $8 monthly fee
  • No face-to-face services except in Wisconsin

Learn more about Westconsin Credit Union

OneUnited Bank

OneUnited Bank has branches across all 50 states, where you can deposit cash onto your debit card. OneUnited Bank does not require any fees to maintain a checking account. To access their services, you don’t even have to walk into their bank; they offer online banking services.


  • No monthly fee
  • Can pay you up to two days early when you direct deposit
  • Mobile app
  • Secured credit card


  • Requires a $25 minimum opening deposit

Learn more about OneUnited Bank


The lack of a checking account can result in the most inconvenient experiences. Banks and credit institutions that provide second-chance opportunities and do not pull your ChexSystems records can save the day. They will allow you to access a broad range of banking services that suit your needs—regardless of your credit history. Therefore, you can re-establish and enhance your credit profile without ChexSystems systems if you have unresolved financial and/or credit issues.

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