35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

Daniel Long
Updated May 02, 2024
 35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

Every one of us may face financial difficulties at some point. Because of that, it might be difficult to open a bank account. Paying your bills, making online and offline purchases are difficult to imagine without having a checking account.

While most banks work with credit reporting agencies to verify applications, there are dozens of banks, credit unions, and financial technology companies that welcome customers despite their poor banking history.

In this article, you will find the best bank accounts offered by American banks and other companies. They are specially designed for those who have bad records in ChexSystems.

Meanwhile, depending on the reason you were listed on ChexSystems, it makes sense to give it a try and dispute your record. Please refer to our proven ChexSystems Removal Kit for more information.

16 Best Checking Accounts at Banks That Don't Use ChexSystems

Editor's Choice

CIT Bank

The CIT Bank Savings Connect account is the best among banks that don’t use ChexSystems. Unlike many other non-ChexSystems accounts, the CIT Bank Savings Connect is also a high-yield savings account that can help grow your savings much faster than most other banks can.

Features and benefits:

  • Interest-bearing
  • Minimum balance requirement: $0
  • Monthly maintenance fee: $0
  • Monthly ATM charge reimbursements of up to $30

Why is it recommended for you?

Although CIT Bank has a relatively high minimum deposit ($100) to get started, it offers one of the best interest rates among online banks, and has no opening, monthly servicing, online transfer or incoming wire fees.

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First American Bank

First American Bank offers several checking accounts without checking your record with ChexSystems.

  • Fresh Start Checking Account is a perfect opportunity to get your finances back on track after you’ve experienced financial difficulties. No minimum opening balance is required but you have to pay a $9.95 monthly maintenance fee. You get free eStatements, unlimited check writing, and a free Mastercard debit card. High-quality online and mobile banking makes it easy to manage your finances, and get cash at 55 thousand surcharge-free partner ATMs.
  • Everyday Rewards Checking Account comes with additional features but still doesn’t require checking your ChexSystems record. With it, you can earn 0.15% annually on balances up to $15 thousand. No monthly fee and no minimum balance are required. Except for free online and mobile banking, free debit card, unlimited check writing, and other options, you get qualifying transactions which include online bill payments, check payments, wire transfers, check payments, and others.
  • Free Checking Account requires $100 to open and comes with no monthly service fee. As well as previous options, it includes a free Mastercard debit card, free online and mobile banking, and gives you everything you need to manage your money efficiently.

First American Bank is a well-known financial institution with physical branches in Florida, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

SmartAsset’s experts gave the bank 4.1 stars out of 5.

 35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

SunTrust Bank

Applying for the SunTrust Bank Essential Checking Account doesn’t require checking your previous banking history with ChexSystems. It is fairly easy to qualify for even if you’ve had financial difficulties in the past.

With it, you have to add a $100 minimum deposit and enjoy managing your money with online banking or mobile app and a SunTrust Mastercard Debit Card.

The monthly maintenance fee is $7 but it can be waived in one of four different ways:

  • Keep $500 or more minimum daily collected balance
  • Open as a student
  • Make $500 or more qualifying direct deposits (in total per one statement cycle)
  • Make at least 10 client-initiated transactions in one statement cycle

In addition, you can avoid paying a $3 monthly paper statement fee if you enroll in paperless online statements.

In 2019, SunTrust Bank was purchased by Branch Banking and Trust Company. In this way, the sixth-largest American lender was created.

Peoples Cash Solutions

Second Chance Checking Account by Peoples Cash Solutions is an easy way to get back on track even if you’ve ever had any problems with ChexSystems and other credit reporting agencies.

The account requires a $30 deposit and a monthly service fee of $4.95.

  • You get a Mastercard Debit Card to make online or offline purchases, withdraw your money at ATMs, write checks.
  • A personal checkbook allows you to easily carry checks which may be a requirement in some situations. For example, some landlords insist on paying the rent with checks.
  • Online money transfers can be used to send money to your family members, friends, relatives on a one-time or a regular basis.
  • If you already have a Second Chance Checking Account, you can set up a separate one for your family members and easily transfer money without any fees.

Technically, Peoples Cash Solutions is a web service offered by Peoples Bank.

Renasant Checking Account

Renasant Bank is a go-to option for customers with ChexSystems, EWS, or Telecheck records. It offers mobile banking solutions and several different checking accounts.

The best option to get started is the Renasant Checking Account.

  • Opening balance - $50
  • Monthly maintenance fee - $10 per month (can be avoided if you maintain a daily balance of at least $1 thousand, or by enrolling in eStatements)
  • Renasant Debit Mastercard comes with Mastercard ID Theft Protection, Mastercard Zero Liability, Satisfaction Guarantee, Extended Warranty Insurance, 3-D Secure, Pay Your Way, and other features
  • Mobile banking solutions include access to Google Pay, Apple Pay Cash, Apple Pay, Zelle, and many others

In case you’re a student, apply for the Student Checking Account which is packed with all the extras designed especially for the younger generation.

Renasant Bank has an overall rating of 4.1 stars by Bankrate.

 35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

TD Bank

TD Bank is one of the most popular American second chance banks that doesn’t use ChexSystems. You can open a TD Bank checking account online in a matter of a few minutes without visiting its branch.

There are two different options designed for different customers. Both are good options to start rebuilding your banking history.

TD Convenience Checking Account

TD Beyond Checking Account

$100 daily balance

Keep as much as you wish and earn interest

Free mobile banking and online banking

Free mobile banking and online banking

$15 monthly maintenance fee

$25 monthly maintenance fee

No fees at TD ATMs

No fees at TD ATMs

Free online statements

Free online statements

No minimum opening deposit

No minimum opening deposit

The monthly maintenance fee can be avoided. You can maintain a deposit of at least $100 or just open as a student.

Both accounts come with a free TD Bank Debit Card which is secure and convenient.

TD Bank is a well-known financial institution not only across the United States but also in Canada.

First Convenience Bank (1st Convenience Bank)

First Convenience Bank offers five different checking accounts. Even though it doesn’t use ChexSystems to verify customer applications, the best way to get started for those who have had problems with the banking system before is the Power Checking Account.

To open one, you must deposit at least $20 and be willing to pay a monthly service fee of $12. Account-holders aged 55 and older are offered this account with no monthly maintenance fee. In addition, every customer can get the no monthly fee option if they maintain a daily balance of $100.

You can also open an account with no minimum deposit when you apply in person. A great option if you're on a small budget!

Other features:

  • Negative balance fee - $34
  • Non-Gold Key ATMs - $2.50 per transaction
  • Non-sufficient funds fee - $34
  • Negative balance fee - $34
  • Overdraft fee - $34
  • Account transfer - free

In other words, if you take care of your account, Power Checking is a fairly considerable option.

First Convenience Bank is a division of First National Bank of Texas, a humongous financial institution.

When searching for reviews of First Convenience Bank, pay attention to other search queries such as “1st convenience bank” or “1 st convenience bank”.

Considering 325 reviews, Zillow gave First national bank a 4.99-star rating.

 35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

TCF Bank

TCF Bank is a well-known financial institution in South Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, and other states. It offers The Free Checking Account for customers who are in financial difficulty and have ChexSystems records.

This is a free account with no minimum balance and no monthly fee for active account holders. Other features:

  • Minimum opening deposit - $25
  • Monthly maintenance fee - $0
  • Free digital banking
  • Mobile wallet for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay users
  • Online Bill Pay
  • TCF Bank debit card ($35 fee for mailed expedited delivery)
  • Overdraft fee - $37

TCF Bank is a good option for customers who are looking for a free checking account and are willing to keep their savings at the same bank.

Fort Sill National Bank

Fort Sill National Bank has been known for a long time as a go-to option for military workers. Now, it serves both military and civilians.

Fort Sill National Bank offers The Basic Checking Account.

  • Minimum opening deposit - $5
  • Monthly maintenance fee - $6 (if balance falls below $75)
  • Paper statements - $3,50
  • eStatements - free
  • Free basic online banking

With The Basic Checking Account, you get a free Visa CheckCard that lets you make online and offline purchases, get detailed transaction information and replace check writing. Other features include:

  • Withdraw as much as $1000 every day
  • Make purchases of up to $1,500 daily
  • No monthly fees
  • No annual fees
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Free cash withdrawals at FSNB ATMs

The bank has a 4-star overall rating by MyBankTracker.

 35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

11 Best Savings Accounts at ChexSystems-Free Banks

While a lot of people are looking for a ChexSystems-free bank to open a checking account, opening a savings account can also be quite a challenge.

We have done extensive research to find the best second chance banks that don’t use ChexSystems and open a savings account with low fees and nice features. In most cases, interest rates are subject to change daily. It is determined by the daily computation method set by a particular bank.

US Bank

If you’d like to save money for something great but have ChexSystems records, you should consider opening a Standard Savings Account with US Bank.

It allows you to start saving, earn interest, develop the financial discipline to get back on track.

  • Minimum opening deposit - $25
  • Monthly maintenance fee - $4 (can be waived if you keep a $300 daily ledger balance)
  • Free online banking
  • Free mobile banking
  • No ATM fees at US Bank ATMs
  • Overdraft protection (your account must be linked to your checking account)
  • Custom account alerts

Saving rates depend on your location and whether you are an existing US Bank customer. On average you get an interest rate of 0.01%.

In addition, US Bank offers other savings accounts with some additional features. These are Platinum Select Money Market Savings and Package Money Market Savings. They require no monthly maintenance fee and a $25 minimum opening deposit.

United Bank

United bank is known for its 10 different checking accounts for different customers. But also it is a go-to option for opening a savings account if you have records with ChexSystems.

A Personal Savings plan can be used by customers experiencing temporary financial difficulties and looking for a reliable option to start saving for a better life.

  • Minimum opening deposit - $100
  • Six withdrawals per month
  • Excess withdrawal fee - $5
  • Early closing fee (within 180 days after opening) - $10
  • Interest is paid quarterly (interest rate is calculated daily)

The bank was founded back in 1904 and has a rich history of serving millions of Americans. It is often cited among the strongest financial institution and claims that its mission is delivering responsive and innovative services.

Other personal savings options to consider are Saver CD, Christmas Club, and Health Savings Account.

Regions Bank

Regions Bank is a financial corporation that is part of the SNP500 index which means it is among the top 500 largest American companies.

Over the past year, it has shown steady growth and delivered solid returns to shareholders.

 35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

Regions Bank offers a Basic Savings Account without checking your report with ChexSystems.

  • Minimum opening deposit - $50
  • Monthly maintenance fee - $5
  • Minimum daily balances to avoid monthly maintenance fee - $300
  • Excessive withdrawal fee - $3 per withdrawal
  • Regions online banking
  • Bill Pay
  • Online statements
  • $30 discount on a safe deposit box rental
  • Secure payments solutions (Google Pay, Apple Pay, LG Pay, Samsung Pay)

With a Basic Savings Account, you get convenient account management that allows you to set up automatic transfers for your checking account to your savings account.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is a famous ChexSystems free bank that offers multiple checking and savings accounts.

For starters, especially for those who have trouble with other banks, the best option is Wa2Save Savings. It’s a pretty significant choice for customers looking for a variety of options to save on autopilot.

Rates and fees:

  • Minimum opening deposit - $5
  • Monthly maintenance fee - $5
  • Minimum balance requirement - $0
  • Interest rate - 0,01%

The monthly maintenance fee can be avoided in several ways:

  • Keeping a $300 minimum daily balance
  • Automatic transfer of at least $25 from your linked checking account
  • Primary account wonder must be 24 or under

The WA2Save Savings Account allows you to save every month. The bank will transfer $1 from your checking account (if it is linked to a savings account) every time you make an online payment using Wells Fargo Online Bill Pay or a debit card purchase (non-recurring).

Another option for customers looking for a savings account at a non-ChexSystems bank is the Wells Fargo Platinum Savings plan.

With more than 1 million followers, Wells Fargo has one of the most popular Facebook pages among American banks.

 35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

USAA (United Services Automobile Association)

USAA (United Services Automobile Association) is a privately owned company offering auto insurance, checking accounts, home and renters insurance, and savings accounts. It doesn’t work with ChexSystems and will help you begin your savings journey for a better tomorrow in an easy way.

To take advantage of all the tools and services available you can open a USAA Savings Account:

  • Minimum opening deposit - $25
  • Monthly maintenance fee - $0
  • Overdraft protection
  • Automatic transfers
  • Annual rate - $0,03
  • Mobile check deposits

You can add your spouse, friend, and relative to your account or open a savings account for a child.

Making deposits is easy and can be done in several ways:

  • Deposit at any USAA ATM
  • Transfer money from another account at this bank
  • Transfer money from another account at another bank
  • Drop your money order deposit or check in the mail

Moody’s gave UASS the highest rating of A++.

Top 3 Checking Accounts at Non-ChexSystems Credit Unions

Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union is a global credit union with more than 10 million members across the United States.

You can open the Free Easy Checking that is designed for just about everyone who needs an easy way to manage their finances. Even though this credit union is generally designed for existing and past members of the military, this account is available to the general public.

Features and rates:

  • Monthly maintenance fee - $0
  • Minimum balance requirement - $0
  • Personalized checks - free
  • APY - 0,05%
  • Dividend rate - 0,05% (dividends credited monthly)

Navy Federal Credit Union claims that managing your money should not cost you anything, and with this account, it is really true!

Navy Federal Credit Union has a 4.5-star rating by Bankrate.

 35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

Southwest Financial Federal Credit Union

Southwest Financial Federal Credit Union offers the Checkless Checking Account for customers with ChexSystems records. Even though checks are not available, this account will help you manage your finances effectively. Also, you get free web-based education modules.


  • Monthly maintenance fee - $0
  • Free eStatements
  • Bill Pay
  • Overdraft protection
  • Free mobile app
  • Free online banking

With a Checkless Checking Account, you can deposit checks using your iPhone and turn your debit card on and off in a matter of a few seconds.

This credit union is pretty loyal to new customers and offers a wide range of services to existing customers. If you establish yourself as a reliable person, you will be able to apply for auto loans, home loans, and what is important for customers with bad banking history, to specially designed credit builder loans.

Langley Federal Credit Union

Langley Federal Credit Union is another reliable credit union that doesn’t check your ChexSystems records.

The company does pay attention to your credit score, but for new customers with bad banking history, there is a good opportunity to get back on track. The Essential Checking Account is designed for customers with a low credit score (599 or below):

  • Monthly service charge - $5
  • Minimum opening balance - $0
  • eStatements - $0
  • Overdraft protection
  • Early payday deposits
  • Free Bill Pay
  • Free online banking
  • Free mobile banking
  • Free withdrawals at 55 thousand ATMs

Top 5 Checking Accounts at Online-Only Banks

SoFi Money

SoFi Money is a financial company that allows you to start saving, spending, and even earning rewards without checking your banking history.

With a Sofi Cash Management Account, which is a hybrid of savings and checking features, you get a variety of options:

  • Monthly maintenance fee - $0
  • Overdraft fees - $0
  • Multiple back offers
  • Interest rate - 0.01%

Customers with more than $500 in an account earn a 0.25% interest rate.

SoFi Money has over 2 million customers in the United States and is known for offering up to $100 if customers meet various requirements. For example, you can earn a bonus when enrolling in direct deposit while having $1,000 or more deposited in the next 30 days.

Sofi Money is not a traditional bank. It is backed by several banks, in this way, all deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

SoFi app for iOS devices has a 4.8-star rating based on more than 81.7 reviews.

 35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

Acorns Spend Account

Acorns is a mobile app known in the investing world. But also, with it, you can get Acorns Spend Account. It comes with a tungsten metal debit card that helps you save, invest and manage your money in different ways.

  • Minimum opening deposit - $0
  • Overdraft fee - $0
  • Automated Bill Pay
  • Direct deposits (digital)
  • Mobile check deposits
  • Bank-to-bank transfers - free
  • Check sending

Acorns is based in Irvine, California, and serves over 8 million customers. Even though its primary products are robo-investing and micro-investing, you can use Acorns Spend Account as a reasonable alternative to a regular checking account at a traditional bank.

InvestorJunkie gave Acorns an overall rating of 8.5 stars out of 10.

 35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

Novo Bank

Novo Bank is an online financial company that offers the Novo Bank Small Business Checking Account. It is designed for small business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other customers looking for a completely digital way to manage their finances.

The bank has no physical branches and serves customers completely online. It doesn’t use ChexSystems and has its own system to check customers’ reliability.

Novo Bank Small Business Checking Account features:

  • Minimum balance requirement - $0
  • Monthly fees - $0
  • Free mobile app
  • Free incoming wires
  • Mailed checks
  • Free ACH transfers

Applying for an account takes less than 10 minutes. As a customer, you get an opportunity to refund all ATM fees.

Varo Bank

Varo Bank is another fully online financial service that allows you to set up a checking account without visiting a branch.

With its Varo Online Checking Account, you get a debit card and can manage your finances using your iPhone.

  • Minimum opening deposit - $0
  • Monthly maintenance fee - $0
  • Early paycheck with direct deposit - available
  • Free money transfer between different Varo accounts

To withdraw money from your checking account, you can use one of 55 thousand AllPoint ATMs. There are more than 90 thousand cash deposit locations across the country. You can also transfer money using Google Pay, Apple Pay. PayPal, etc.

On its official website, the bank says that applying for an account doesn’t impact your credit score. Also, it says that your FICO score, credit report, banking history, and records with ChexSystems or other credit reporting agencies will not be checked.


Current is not a bank, but a financial company focused on offering affordable and accessible services for customers regardless of their banking history. With it, you can open a mobile-only Current Checking Account.

Rates and fees

  • Minimum opening deposit - $0
  • Monthly maintenance fee - from $0 to $36
  • Current Prepaid Visa Card
  • Mobile check deposit
  • No overdraft fees

Even though you can use Current for free, it makes a lot of sense to upgrade to its Premium Plan which costs $4.99 per month. With it, you can earn interest.

Current is known for its rewards for new and existing members. All members can earn points by spending money at over 14 thousand retailers (True Value, Subway, and others). The company claims that on average a member earns $165 in cashback by using the card at gas stations.

With an overall rating of 4.4 (based on 1,407 reviews) Current is considered an “Excellent” choice by Trustpilot.

 35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

5 Best Savings Accounts at Online-Only Banks


GoBank is an FDIC-insured financial institution that is a brand of the well-known Green Dot Corporation. It is focused on making money movement and modern banking accessible for all clients regardless of their previous relationships with commercial banks. In other words, it doesn’t verify your ChexSystems record.

Applying for the GoBank Ultimate Mobile Bank Account is easy and can be done exclusively online. With it, you get a free debit card and a hybrid of checking and savings accounts.

  • Minimum opening deposit - $20
  • Monthly maintenance fee - $8.85
  • Cash deposits
  • Overdraft protection

It should be noted that using your account affects your banking history. GoBank reports your credit use to three credit bureaus.


N26.com is a mobile bank that helps you manage your money, pay your bills and start spending even before the physical card even arrives at your home.

To open a N26 account, you have to use a website or a mobile app. Just create your login, select your plan, confirm your identity and start spending and saving with confidence.

Fees and rates

  • Monthly maintenance fee - $0;
  • Direct deposits;
  • Free mobile app;
  • 3 free ATM withdrawals per month in any place of the world;
  • Cash backs.

N26 Mobile Banking app for Apple devices has an overall rating of 4.6 stars.

 35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

Axos Bank

Axos Bank offers ‘next-level banking’ and the Rewards Checking Account. With it, you can receive direct deposits, use your Axos Visa Debit Card, and earn interest.

Fees and rates

  • Annual percentage - up to 1.25%
  • Minimum opening balance - $50
  • Monthly maintenance fee - $0
  • Minimum monthly balance - $0
  • Overdraft protection
  • Online debit card management

Also, you can apply for Essential Checking, First Checking, Golden Checking, and Cashback Checking accounts. Axos Bank offers 24/7 customer support, FDIC insurance, digital security, many other features.

It is a publicly traded and actively discussed company with more than 1 thousand employees.

Forbes called Axos Bank “the best overall for online banking’ and gave it a 4.4-star rating.

 35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

Discover Bank

Discover Bank is a ChexSystems-free bank that offers a Discover Online Savings Account.

With it, you get an opportunity to save, earn and build an emergency fund and award-winning customer service.

Fees and rates

  • Monthly maintenance fee -$0
  • Minimum opening deposit - $0
  • Annual percentage yield - 0.40%
  • Six qualified withdrawals per month
  • Official bank check

The bank has a 4.5-star rating by NerdWallet. It is recommended for customers who value checking perks and high rates.

 35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems


NBKC Bank offers the NBKC Everything Account which is a mix of a checking and a savings accounts. With it, you can spend, save, track and earn 0.15% annually.

It is an FDIC-insured account designed for everyday use.

Other features

  • Minimum balance - $0
  • Mobile deposit - $0
  • Sending or receiving wires (USA) - $5
  • Sending or receiving wires internationally - $45
  • Deposit multiple checks
  • Originate wires
  • Transfer money between your and any other account
  • Pay bills online
  • Pay vendors

At first, NBKC Bank was known for its competitive rates on deposit accounts and mortgage lending services. It was founded in 1999 and has a very solid network of ATMs (around 32 thousand).

Alternatives to Banks That Don't Use ChexSystems


Card.com is a financial service that creates online prepaid card solutions. It is operated by Bancorp Bank and is known in the financial world for its innovative and easy-to-apply products. Card.com is not backed by a traditional checking account, but it works the same way. You can send funds from your existing account opened at another bank or set up a direct deposit from your employer.

You can get a Card.com Prepaid Card whether Visa or Mastercard and enjoy managing your money effortlessly.

Rates and fees

  • Monthly maintenance fee - $9.95
  • Foreign transaction fee - 2.95%
  • 5% or $5 check depositing fee

Money Orders

If using a prepaid debit card is not an option for you, consider money orders. You can use them to pay your bills, send money to family or friends, and make other payments.

You can buy money orders at a retail store, post office, or bank.

It is important to note that money orders usually come with a small fee. You can track the payment to make sure it was delivered correctly.

Statistics show that one in four Americans purchase one or more money orders each year. This financial instrument is a significant part of money transactions. Every year one billion money orders are sold.

Best Places to Buy Money Orders - Comparison







BMO Harris Bank



Regions Bank









Money Transfer Technology

Transferring money between family, friends, and businesses is easy with Regions Personal Pay and other similar money transfer services. You can make an account at Wise (TransferWise), Revolut, or another financial company and use it to send money, make payments, write checks, save and even invest.

Western Union is not the only option. Sending money within the country and worldwide is getting easier and less expensive.

Best Money Transfer Services - Comparison



Payment options

Wise (TransferWise)

1% for transfers from the US in USD

Wire transfer, debit card, credit card, Apple Pay, direct debit



Directly from your bank account


2.9% plus a fixed fee of $0.30

PayPal Cash, debit card, credit card, bank account


$0 for the standard account

Revolut Debit Card

Brokerage Accounts

A brokerage account is designed for investors buying and selling stocks, bonds, and other assets. But you can use it as an alternative to a checking account.

You don’t need a lot of money to open a brokerage account, and in some cases, no initial deposit is needed at all.

There are so-called discount brokerage accounts designed for first-time casual investors. If you’re a beginner, you don’t need a full-fledged account with lots of features.

  • M1 Finance is a financial technology company that allows you to invest, borrow and spend with one platform on your smartphone. The company’s mission is to take over your day-to-day financial tasks and make it easy to manage finances, save and invest without paying hidden fees.
  • Webull is an app that is a good alternative to a traditional brokerage account. No opening deposit is required. When opening an account and making a $100 deposit, you get 2 free stocks (which can be Facebook, Apple, Starbucks, etc. worth thousands of dollars).
  • TD Ameritrade is a popular broker that offers an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use electronic trading platform for both beginners and experienced stock market enthusiasts. With it, you can trade a wide variety of assets, from common stocks to cryptocurrencies.


Even though it may seem outdated, but using cash is a great alternative to a checking account. Psychologists say, when you pay in cash, you’re more responsible and mindful.

Paying bills with cash requires visiting the biller’s payment center, but you can easily shop at millions of locations without any problems. McDonald’s, Walmart, Home Depot, and others sell their products and services to customers no matter how exactly they pay.

You can use Western Union or another similar service to pay your mortgage, car insurance, credit card bills, and other needs.

On average, Americans make 41 payments a month, 30% of which are in physical money.

Blue-Chip Stock Investing

Blue-chip stocks are shares of huge and well-known companies that offer products and services used by hundreds of millions and billions of people.

For example, if you like your iPhone, iPad, or iMac, you can become a partial owner of Apple by investing your money in its stock. Consider how high it’s been growing over the last ten years. If you invested $10,000 in Apple, you'd be a millionaire today.

 35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

Although investing in the stock market always involves some risk, blue chips are known as the best stocks to invest in for long-term growth.

Other blue chips are:

  • Berkshire Hathaway - a multinational holding company run by one of the wealthiest men in the world Warren Buffet. It owns Duracell, GEICO, Helzberg Diamonds, Forest River, NetJets, and many other well-known companies.
  • Chevron - a multinational energy corporation with yearly revenue of over $140 billion. It has over 44 thousand employers and is listed in SNP500 and SNP100 indexes.
  • Enbridge - a multinational pipeline company focused on the transportation of liquid hydrocarbons and crude oil. It has over $160 billion in assets and over 11 employees.

Also, instead of buying stocks of different companies, you can invest in the SNP500 index and become a partial owner of the 500 most profitable companies in the United States.

 35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

You may think that Facebook, Twitter, Tesla, and other well-known brands are also blue chips, but because they were not created that long ago, investing in them requires a certain level of knowledge and involves high risk.

Joint Bank Accounts

Instead of opening a checking account, you join your spouse, relative, or friend. A joint account is shared between several individuals that trust each other and are ready to manage their finances together. In this case, your and your partner’s credit rating will be linked.

Technically, a joint bank account is a traditional account that provides for shared access without any restrictions.

  • Ally Bank joint checking account is designed for everyday use. The rates are variable and there are no minimum balance requirements. With it, you and your partner get free debit cards for making online and offline purchases. Also, you get an opportunity to save when you spend by accessing a special savings booster. The bank tracks your transactions, rounds up to the nearest dollar, and transfer the money to your savings
  • Axos Bank offers the First Checking Account for customers aged 13-17. You earn 0.10% APY and pay no maintenance fees. You and your partner can make peer-to-peer payments, receive account alerts, automate your bills and boost your account security with digital biometric authentication.
  • Opening a Capital One Joint Bank Account is quick and easy. Your partner can open a checking account and invite you. With this joint account, you pay no monthly maintenance fees, get free access to a top-rated mobile app, can send money to family and friends in minutes. Other features include FDIC insurance, fraud protection, and over 70 thousand fee-free ATMs for withdrawing cash.


It may sound tricky and even silly, but cryptocurrencies are designed to make shopping easier, faster, and commission-free.

Even if you don’t own any cryptocurrencies, you might have heard about their important role in today’s financial system.

The most popular digital coin is bitcoin. With it, you can buy pizza, fast food, sweets, tickets, furnishings, cars, and many more. Every year it’s getting more and more popular.

Today, most people buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies expecting to earn quick money forgetting that the main reason this industry was created is to make money transfers easier.

Think about how rich you could have been if you had purchased some bitcoins a few years ago:

 35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

Using bitcoins is easy. You can buy things on Amazon using a third-party service called Purse. In addition, sending digital coins to family and friends is possible at any time and without any confirmation from a bank or other financial institution.

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Foreign Bank Account

There are thousands of bankers who have never heard about ChexSystems and other credit reporting agencies. Well, they may have heard about them, but they don’t pay attention to your banking history because they don’t have access to it. Actually, they don’t need it.

If you travel abroad, you can open an account in a different country. For example, to open an account with a Mexican bank, you will need a passport and proof of address. Because you reside in the United States, you can open a dollar-denominated account.

With it, you can pay online and offline not only in Mexico or The United States but worldwide.

Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, the Philippines - there are dozens of different countries where you can open a bank account.

Keep in mind that if you open a foreign bank account and keep more than $10 thousand, you are required to report it to the Treasure Department. Such accounts are taxable and need to be declared as overseas assets. Penalties for failure to file an account can be civil, or even criminal.

Best Bank Accounts at Banks and Credit Unions That Don’t Use ChexSystems - Comparison


Minimum opening deposit

Monthly service fee


Chime Spending Account



Earns interest

Fresh Start Checking Account



High-quality online and mobile banking

Everyday Rewards Checking Account



Earns 0.15% annually on balances up to $15 thousand

Free Checking Account



Free Mastercard debit card

SunTrust Bank Essential Checking Account


$7 (can be waived)

Easy approval

Second Chance Checking Account



Easy money transfers

Renasant Checking Account


$10 (can be waived)

Extra features for students

TD Convenience Checking Account

$100 to waive the monthly fee


Fast and secure payments

TD Beyond Checking Account


No ATM fees with a $2,500 daily balance

Power Checking Account


$12 (can be waived)

Free overdraft protection

The TCF Bank Free Checking Account



Easy approval

The Basic Checking Account



Free Visa CheckCard

Free Easy Checking



Dividend rate - 0,05%

Checkless Checking Account



Easy approval

Essential Checking Account



Designed for customers with a low credit score

Sofi Cash Management Account



Interest rate - 0.01%

Acorns Spend Account



Tungsten metal debit card

Second Chance Banks vs Non-ChexSystems Banks

If you have a bad credit score and are listed in ChexSystems, don’t confuse non-ChexSystems with second chance banks. The first option should be preferred. There are many more ChexSystems-free banks than banks that don’t work with all credit reporting agencies.

Second Chance Banks

Non-ChexSystems Banks

Sometimes it is unclear whether or not a bank is working with ChexSystems. A bank can call itself a second chance bank but still work with ChexSystems. Their mission is to give you a second chance anyway.

If the bank is called a non-ChexSystems they are definitely not working with that credit reporting agency.

In most cases, they don’t work with ChexSystems, TeleCheck, EWS, and other credit reporting agencies.

Don’t work with ChexSystems but may work with other credit reporting agencies like TeleCheck, or EWS.

It can be easier to get approved, but in general, you will get fewer options.

Typically, easy and fast approval, but on average you get a little bit more options, perks, and extras.

There is clear data on the number of second chance banks in the United States. Theoretically, any bank can call itself a second chance bank and give you a second chance.

Around 20% of American banks don’t use ChexSystems. In this way, there are about one thousand opportunities to open an account without checking your records in this credit reporting agency.

Buyer’s Guide to Selecting the Best Checking Account

  1. Low or no monthly fees should be your number one priority. Since you’re already in financial trouble, no need to pay tens of dollars in fees.
  2. If you have some serious problems with your banking history, consider applying in person. On the other hand, since ChexSystems free banks don’t check your report, you can save a lot of money by applying online.
  3. Make sure the bank offers an easy-to-use mobile app, not only a web service. It may be a pain to open a browser, type a website address, login into your account. Mobile apps are a lot easier to use and should be a preferable option.
  4. Think about other fees, not only the monthly maintenance charge. Nobody wants to overdraw, but sometimes it happens. In this case, the bank may charge $30 or more. Overdraft protection is a great option that is offered for free and is especially valuable for customers who lack financial discipline.
  5. Learn the differences between checking and savings accounts. You need both but some financial technology companies offer hybrid options. They are great as long as you fully understand what they are, how they work, and whether you really need them.
  6. Paper statements are in the past. No need to pay $3 or even $1 for this service. Most banks offer free eStatements.
  7. In some cases, checking accounts can offer interest, but this shouldn’t be your priority. Checking accounts are for managing money and paying as little fees as possible. Savings accounts are for saving money and earning some interest.

What is ChexSystems?

ChexSystems is a consumer reporting agency that keeps data about your past business transactions from different bank accounts. For example, if you’ve ever had an overdraft charge, it will be on the list. Although other agencies work on the same principle as ChexSystems, it is the most widely used option, with over 80% of financial institutions using either ChexSystems or a similar system. These act as early warning systems to help banks turn down account requests for people who they fear might cause problems later on. This can be very unfair to someone who’s had an excellent record except for one anomaly, and a bank rejects their application due to that.

ChexSystems Can Be Unfair

Ideally, ChexSystems intends to filter out any possibility of someone opening a fraudulent account. If a person is going to hog up bank fees and never return what is due, it will hurt the bank substantially. It makes sense, and banks should bar such people from opening bank accounts, but what about regular people? Well, prepare yourself for some bad news.

1. It Makes Banking Harder

Saying that ChexSystems is unfair is an understatement. Its aggressive policies can harm consumers like you – regular, honest people, who’ve just had a few problems in the past, which they most likely resolved. As of yet, around 17 million Americans – that’s 5% of the population – don’t have a bank account. Many of these are people who’ve had accounts in the past but cannot open up one now. This is likely to be due to a negative ChexSystems (or any other CRA) report, even if they have successfully resolved the problem that their report ended up highlighting.

2. Everyone Can Have Problems With ChexSystems

Everyone can have a problem with CRA(s), not just people who’re working tirelessly to make ends meet. Agencies like ChexSystems portray a biased opinion about you by pointing out only the stuff you did wrongly and ignoring how well you performed overall. An average of 25% of banks will deny you an account if you have even the slightest negative remark scribbled on a CRA report, irrespective of your financial standing. Some will make you go through the humiliation of sitting haplessly while they call the branch manager of your previous bank to decide your case.

3. It Is Difficult To Avoid Negative Marks

Some banks have unclear policies about overdraft charges and other problems that you may run into. If you’re under some financial pressure, you may inadvertently fall foul of one of their policies. This makes the whole system very unfair, denying people a chance even if they’ve proven that they deserve one.

You can get your free report at ChexSystems once a year. This will help you figure out what the problem is and take actions towards solving it while using services offered by a non-ChexSystems bank.

Dealing With ChexSystems, If It Comes Down To It

If a bad ChexSystems report has ruined your prospects for a bank account, and you don’t want to use any of the options stated above, then you may try out the following:

1. Rights of a Consumer for Dealing With ChexSystems Problems

You do have rights when it comes to dealing with a bad ChexSystems report. Since it all falls under the “Fair Credit Reporting Act,” the same also being true for similar CRAs, you do get to object to anything unfair mentioned in the report.

2. Reviewing a ChexSystems Report

Since you get a free copy of your ChexSystems report every year, you should review it carefully. If the report falsely or fraudulently states something, you have the right to challenge it. In case you missed this opportunity, you can get a copy of the report from the bank that rejected you, and then you may analyze it for inaccurate information.

3. Disputing a ChexSystems Report

So you’ve spotted a mistake in the report, and you are certain that you did not commit this error. Report the error to the bank (where you had your previous account) and ChexSystems. Even if you are not at fault, things may not go your way. In that case, report to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission.

4. What Should You Do If a ChexSystems Report Results in Rejection From a Bank?

If the issue remains unresolved, then, unfortunately, your options are limited. You can either seek a second chance account or prepaid card or both to manage your finances. Cheer up; these options are very convenient and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What banks don’t check ChexSystems?

Our list starts with Chase and ends with fresh online banks like n26, Current. 20% of commercial banks in the United States don’t check ChexSystems when screening customer applications.

How long does it take to get out of ChexSystems?

Things stay on your ChexSystems list for at least five years. Because of that, It may be quite a challenge to open an account at most banks. These act as early warning systems to help banks turn down account requests for people who they fear might cause problems later on. This can be very unfair to someone who’s had an excellent record except for one anomaly, and a bank rejects their application due to that.

Is ChexSystems legit?

Even though it seems like ChexSystems is one of the most fraudulent companies in the country, the answer is yes, it is legit. ChexSystems intends to filter out any possibility of someone opening a fraudulent account. If a person is going to hog up bank fees and never return what is due, it will hurt the bank substantially. But regular people also get listed and experience various difficulties when opening a checking or a savings account.

Are there any other credit reporting agencies like ChexSystems?

Yes, some of them are TeleCheck and Early Warning Services (EWS). All consumer reporting agencies, including ChexSystems, keep data about your past business transactions from bank accounts. ChexSystems is similar to credit agencies in this manner, but it keeps track of the way you used a previous account rather than whether you paid off your debts or not. The system intends to highlight any anomaly or mistake from your end, and that is exactly what it does. No matter how pristine your record was otherwise, a single mistake can ruin your ChexSystems report as it would be the only thing mentioned on it. It only reports the bad stuff.

What is a non-ChexSystems bank?

A non-ChexSystems bank is a bank that doesn’t work with the most popular credit reporting agency in the United States called ChexSystems. It may work with other credit reporting agencies or use its own way to verify new accounts.

Is a ChexSystems free bank a second chance bank?

Yes, it can be called a second chance bank, but a ‘second chance bank’ is a general term. If you have a bad record in ChexSystems it makes sense to look for a non-ChexSystems bank, not for a second chance bank that doesn’t work with other credit reporting agencies.

Do credit unions check ChexSystems?

Some of them do, some of them don’t. Even though credit unions are often considered as an alternative to banks, if you have bad banking history, your application for opening a checking account can be rejected. Therefore, it makes sense to look for credit unions that don’t work with ChexSystems.

How do I clear my ChexSystems record?

First, you have to get your free ChexSystems report to find out which bank you own and how much. Second, dispute the errors and pay off your debt. Third, ask the bank to remove its record. This can and does take quite a bit of time. So, while clearing your ChexSystems, you can open a checking account at a ChexSystems free bank.

Does Wells Fargo use ChexSystems?

Wells Fargo does not work with ChexSystems and can definitely be called a non-ChexSystems bank. Multiple online reviewers claim that the bank does work with this reporting agency, but that’s not true. We have contacted Wells Fargo online chat and received confirmation that the bank is not cooperating with this agency.

What are the best banks to open a checking account for customers with bad banking history?

You can start with Chime, or another financial company mentioned in this article. There are multiple financial technology companies in the United States that don’t work with ChexSystems and other credit reporting agencies.

Opening an Account in a No-ChexSystems Bank - what do I need?

So you’ve picked an option that best suits you, and you are eager to open up an account there. First, make sure that you have all of these at hand:

  • A valid ID; it could be your passport, government-issued ID card, or your driver’s license
  • Your social security number
  • Your home address, contact number(s), and your email

Depending on the bank or bank-like service you’ve chosen, you may need to pay an opening fee and make an initial deposit to open your account. You can transfer the money via cash in some cases or electronically in others. Once you’ve set up your account, you can associate a direct deposit (for instance, your salary) with it.


Before writing this article, we read tons of different reviews. The problem with them is that some of the information is outdated and incorrect. Banking products that are mentioned and recommended are no longer available. Our number one priority was to include not only non-ChexSystems banks but also credit unions and financial technology companies on this list. Also, we paid attention to the following important factors:

  • Minimum balance requirements - the lower, the better
  • Monthly maintenance fees - the lower, the better
  • Online bank ease of use
  • Mobile app ease of use
  • The financial health of a certain bank or financial institution
  • FDIC insurance - if your account is not covered by the FDIS, it is a huge disadvantage
  • Service quality - human support is a must
  • ATM fees
  • Cash backs
  • Free debit card
  • Interest rates (especially when it comes to savings accounts)

Bottom Line

Before making a choice, think about your real needs. Do you need overdraft protection, are you willing to keep the required amount of money so you don’t have to pay a monthly service fee?

In most cases, if you’re a disciplined person, using a checking account with a non-ChexSystems bank will be quite convenient. The options mentioned above and many more like them are perfect for taking a fresh start!


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