35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems Connecticut

Best Banks & Credit Unions in Connecticut That Don't Use ChexSystems

If you have come across this article, then you are most likely aware of how having a checkered ChexSystems record may cause you to be turned away from credit unions and banks. This can be problematic—especially when the majority of banks use ChexSystems as their way of screening new applications. However, there are still options available for you—that is, if you know where to find them.

What Are Your Options?

Alternatively, you can just find a bank that doesn’t use ChexSystems in Connecticut. Rather, they may use a credit report, or TeleCheck and EWS. The traditional brick-and-mortar approach is also abandoned by some of the alternative options for the best non-ChexSystems banks. Several banks disregard ChexSystems, and they are all completely online.

However, that is not your only alternative. You can also choose to find a ChexSystems bank that offers a second-chance checking account. This option may not have a minimum-balance requirement, but usually a second-chance banking account will charge monthly fees. Luckily, these monthly fees are low, and it comes equipped with all the banking tools that you’ve already grown accustomed to.

Now that you are aware of the alternatives to ChexSystems banks, below are the top picks for the best bank accounts in Connecticut.

Community Credit Union of New Milford, Inc.

If you are looking for an option that considers negative ChexSystems applications, then the Community Credit Union of New Milford is one of many. Users can open an account with this credit union if they have no history of fraud and have paid back all the amounts they owe.

Anyone can open a savings account with this credit union. To open a ShareAccount with the Community Credit Union of New Milford, all that is required is a $25 opening deposit, along with a completed membership application. Users will also receive dividends and an ATM card for balances over $50.

On the other hand, a basic checking account is completely free. No minimum balance is required, and the Community Credit Union of New Milford does not charge a monthly service fee to use this account. Users can expect a free debit card, free online access, and free bill pay when using a basic checking account.

However, as great as this all sounds, membership is only available to those who live or work in New Milford or the communities that surround the area.

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Poor banking history is not a problem when it comes to Chime. Chime offers users an award-winning financial app, a credit-builder Visa credit card, and a debit card, all without a credit check.

Chime’s spending account also has no monthly fees and is 100% free, including:

  • No monthly maintenance costs or overdraft costs
  • No cost for foreign transactions
  • No minimum-balance fees

Chime will even spot a user on debit card purchases up to $200 without any overdraft fees. If you want to start building credit, then you can do so with the credit-builder Visa credit card, which is a secure credit card that features no credit checks, annual fees, or interest charges.

With 60K+ Visa Plus and MoneyPass ATMs available, a direct deposit that allows for a two-day advanced paycheck, and free cash deposits at most Walgreens, you can see exactly why Chime is among the top picks for the best non-ChexSystems banks in Connecticut.

The only downside to this user-friendly, multipurpose app equipped with financial tools is that there are currently no physical branches for in-person services.

CorePlus Federal Credit Union

Those who don’t live in New Milford but work, live, worship, or attend school in the following counties or towns may be able to join the CorePlus Federal Credit Union:

  • Windham County
  • New London County
  • Town of Bolton
  • Hebron Town

If you are located in any of above places, then regardless of your credit history, CorePlus will allow you the option to open a savings account with them. In other words, if you have a negative ChexSystems report, then you may still be given the option to open an account with CorePlus. However, consideration is only given to those with no history of fraud, and those who have paid back all amounts owed to any previous banks.

Four different checking accounts are offered by CorePlus, namely:

  • Simple Checking Account
  • Free Checking Account
  • Premier Checking Account
  • Check 24

Even though the Free Checking Account does not require a minimum balance, a minimum of $250 still must be direct deposited into the account each month. However, online banking, e-statements, and bill pay are free to use.

Learn more about CorePlus Federal Credit Union


Current is not a bank. Rather, it is a financial technology company that is mobile-only, and it has a lot to offer in terms of banking services. Better yet, Current does not pull a user’s credit report, nor does it use ChexSystems, meaning it offers users an alternative to traditional banking.

Mobile-banking accounts with Current provide users with the following:

  • Overdraft protection of up to $100 at a fee-free cost
  • Access to 40K fee-free AllPoint ATMs that accept Current debit cards
  • A basic account charges no monthly fees
  • No minimum-balance requirements or hidden fees

What’s more is that users can even get paid two days earlier when they direct deposit with a premium Current account. Plus, with Current Savings Pods, Current offers up to 4% APY to set individual savings goals.

As great as Current sounds, it does have some flaws in its system.

These are:

  • Current is not an interest-bearing account.
  • Account access is only available via a mobile app.
  • Premium features and Teen accounts are only accessible with a monthly fee.

With that said, Current is not a bank, and in many ways, it operates very differently from online banks—and even other nontraditional banks. However, the basic account offers users sufficient features for their basic banking needs.

Those who want to utilize more premium features will need to pay extra each month to do so, but overall, a Current account is a great choice for a bank that does not use ChexSystems in Connecticut.


That completes the round-up of the best banks in Connecticut that don’t use ChexSystems. Although there are many options for non-ChexSystems banks in the Connecticut area, these are among the best. Nevertheless, only you can choose the right financial partner for you.

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