35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems Ohio

Best Banks & Credit Unions in Ohio That Don't Use ChexSystems

ChexSystems can be a real pain to deal with when you’re trying to get a bank account opened in your name. It was established as a system to monitor and screen people who are looking to open checking and savings accounts. But the side effects of this kind system can result in you being unable to open a bank account even if you haven’t done anything shady.

Fortunately, there are still more than a couple of banks in Ohio that don’t use ChexSystems for verification. We’ll be looking at some of these banks as well as what your options look like if you get flagged by ChexSystems.

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Chime is a fast-growing internet-only bank. Unlike big banks, Chime was created during the smartphone era and, therefore, features an app that is more than just a way for customers to review their bank accounts.

Features and Benefits:

  • Free Visa® debit card
  • Free online banking and mobile banking/deposits
  • No monthly account balance minimums

Why is it recommended for you?

Chime accepts all customers who apply. Even if you have bad or poor credit or have been blacklisted by ChexSystems or credit bureaus.

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Republic Bank & Trust Company

Form of verification:


A special electronic transaction account with no minimum balance for clients with no more than 4 ChexSystems records.

Fresh Start

No minimum balance

Free Republic STAR/Presto ATM transactions

$2 ATM Transaction at any non-Republic/Presto ATM

$50 minimum opening deposit

Access the account with your CheckCard (make withdrawals at Star/PLUS/Presto ATMs; make purchases at retailers).

Free Internet Banking (not eligible for Bill Pay)

$10 Account setup fee

$12.95 Monthly fee with direct deposit; $19.95 Monthly fee without direct deposit

Honor Plus Account

Rebuild your banking privileges with Republic Bank's Honor Plus Account. The Honor Plus Account is a no minimum balance account, with a Republic Bank CheckCard and unlimited check writing.

No minimum balance

Unlimited CheckCard transactions

Free Republic Bank Star/Presto ATM transactions

Free Internet banking

Unlimited automatic payments to pay your monthly bills

Eligible for Internet Bill Pay

Eligible to open savings product

Unlimited check writing

Email from the bank:

Yes, even if you have reports on Chex Systems you would still be eligible for either our Honor Plus or our Fresh Start accounts. You are eligible for Honor Plus if you have two or less reports on Chex Systems and at least one must be paid. You would be eligible for Fresh Start no matter the number of reports you have on Chex Systems. The main difference between the two accounts is the Fresh Start does not have check writing privileges. These are both available on our website or in any Banking Center.

Types of accounts offered:

Second chance checking

Learn more about Republic Bank & Trust Company

Dollar Bank

-It has been reported that as long as your Chexsystems report is paid and does not indicate fraud that they will open an account for you. It has now been reported to me by a few other people that Dollar bank is allowing those on chexsystems to get accounts There are still some that are denied ..I believe the severity of the account may be a factor.

Email from the bank:

I would suggest that you apply for an account and we can then verify the reason you are in chexsystems and determine whether or not we can open the account.

Types of accounts offered:

Personal checking, savings and business accounts

Learn more about Dollar Bank

First Federal Savings and Loan Association

Form of verification:


Email from the bank:

When any new account is opened we always run an inquiry with telecheck.

Types of accounts offered:

Personal checking and savings

Learn more about First Federal Savings and Loan Association

The First Central National Bank of St. Paris

-they do not use chexsystems at all.

-must wait 30 days before a debit card is approved.

-must not have more than 2 returns on the account if you are an existing account holder

Types of accounts offered:

Personal checking, savings and business accounts

Learn more about The First Central National Bank of St. Paris

Greenville National Bank

Form of verification:

Credit report and ID

They do not use chexsystems or anything else

Email from the bank:

They may pull a credit report for verification. Also, we require a current photo ID or two forms of non-photo identification at account opening for identifying and verifying the customer information.

Types of accounts offered:

Personal checking, savings, and business accounts

Learn more about Greenville National Bank

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