35+ Top Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems Florida

Best Banks & Credit Unions in Florida That Don't Use ChexSystems

ChexSystems is the bane of those who need a second chance. These reports hold a lot of critical information that is shared amongst a network of credit unions and banks. The contents of this report include account activities and closures.

However, your past track record is not always the best indicator of your future behavior. It is likely that your past troubles with bank accounts are truly in the past, never to resurface.

Fortunately, many lenders provide bank accounts and other financial products to customers who are willing to change their ways, and they do this without resorting to using ChexSystems. This is a godsend for those who want to get back on track.

In this article, we will thoroughly review the five best, safest, and most dependable banks and financial tools that do not use ChexSystems in Florida. The key distinction between this list and others of this type is that we won’t just summarize the banks and credit unions that do not rely on ChexSystems in Florida—and there are a lot—but we will also provide an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of only the best ones.


Chime has been operating a remarkable service since 2013. A Chime account comes loaded with rewards and features that anyone will instantly love. Although it is not a proper bank, its myriad of features allows it to punch above its weight. The company offers distinctive service that is loved by those with bad credit scores, and those who avoid choosing banks that look at ChexSystems reports before allowing customers to open an account. Chime does not use ChexSystems.

Website: Chime – Banking with No Monthly Fees


  • Chime offers fee-free overdrafts up to $200, based on eligibility. This limit starts from $20 and grows up to $200 if you have solid Chime account activity and a good track record with Chime.
  • Chime’s spending account has no minimum-balance requirements, monthly maintenance fees, or foreign-transaction fees.
  • Chime offers an extensive network of fee-free transaction ATMs in popular stores (e.g., Walgreens, CVS, and 7-Eleven).


Chase has a new offer for checking customers. You can earn up to $100 with qualifying transactions (e.g., debit-card purchases, online bill payments, ACH credits, and Zelle). Keep in mind that the account has a $4.95 monthly service fee. Chase does not use ChexSystems.

Website: Chase – Secure Banking Account


  • Chase only charges a single $4.95 monthly service fee. Say goodbye to money order fees, check fees, minimum-deposit limits, and online-transaction fees!
  • If a local banking branch is important to you, then Chase is one of the best options, with its network of 16K+ ATMs and 4,800 branches across the US.
  • Chase charges no overdraft fees; there is no credit check to open your account, and Chase offers free access to online bill payments.


Acorns is a savings and long-term investment service. It comes with a ton of amazing features (e.g., Bitcoin ETF portfolio, smart banking, etc.), but what we like most is that Acorns competes with the largest banks by providing hassle-free new accounts, with no credit checks. The personal-checking plan costs $3 a month, and the family checking plan costs $5 a month. Acorns does not use ChexSystems.

Website: Acorns – All-digital Banking


  • The Acorns tungsten-metal Visa debit card is accepted at 55K+ fee-free ATMs.
  • Acorns offers free bank transfers, a debit card, and checks, and since Acorns has no minimum-balance requirements and charges no overdraft fees, they are a serious contender on this list.
  • If you set up your Acorns Spend as your direct-deposit method, then not only do you stand to receive your paychecks earlier than some of your co-workers, but you will also become eligible for a $75 bonus after you receive two paychecks from your employer of $250 each.


Current is not a bank or a credit union; they are a web-only fintech company that works without pulling any credit reports. With no hidden fees, minimum-balance requirements, or maintenance fees, Current is vastly superior to other easy access fintech companies. It also has a strong savings-oriented use case. Current does not use ChexSystems.

Website: Current – Future of Banking


  • Qualified members can take advantage of overdraft protection up to $200, with no overdraft fees. This is facilitated through their Overdrive feature. To qualify, you must have an Individual Account with $500 in direct deposits each month. The original limit starts from $25.
  • Current’s Savings Pods will allow you to achieve as much as 4% APY, which they proudly note is 40X higher than the national average of 0.07% APY.
  • Current offers 40K+ ATMs, cashback points, instant fee-free money transfers, early paychecks when you set up direct deposit, and more to further sweeten the pot. They also require no deposit to open an account, and there is also no minimum-balance requirement to keep the account open.

Ameris Bank

Ameris Bank uses ChexSystems. However, if the report is settled, if only one bank is on the report, and/or if there are no fraudulent or account-abuse red flags, then you will be good to go! We had to include Ameris Bank because they are simply one of the best options. They have many physical branch locations, and their cheapest account has no minimum-balance requirement or monthly fee. Their free mobile and internet banking is also a great add-on. However, a $100 deposit is required to open a Free Checking Account with Ameris Bank.


  • Ameris Bank charges no service fees, has no minimum-balance requirements, and provides access to all the basic functions and features you would expect from a more advanced bank account.
  • Ameris Bank’s Free Checking Account comes with a Visa debit card, account e-statements, mobile alerts, and all the basics (e.g., money management tools, bill-payment tools, etc.).
  • Besides Florida, Ameris Bank also has physical branch locations in Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

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