Pennsylvania Banks & Credit Unions That Don't Use ChexSystems

Mistakes are inevitable in day-to-day life, and the banking system is no exception. Many financial institutions incorporate ChexSystems to track the history of their checking-account applicants. Having financial issues or a bad history with ChexSystems might make your efforts to secure a bank account difficult. From excessive overdrafts to frequent insufficient funds, the reasons one can get banned by ChexSystems are many, and these negative records do not just go away easily, as they can take up to five years to correct.

With this posing a problem for most individuals, the search for a banking system that does not mandate the use of ChexSystems to conduct their operations is of the essence.

There are numerous banks in Pennsylvania that offer beneficial features and do not make use of ChexSystems to scrutinize customers. In this article, we will give attention to the best banks in Pennsylvania that do not make use of ChexSystems.


Sable is next on our list. With Sable, you get a bank account with a secure credit card, and a debit card that is active in under five minutes. There are no minimum-deposit requirements, no fees, and no credit checks. Additionally, within four months of using the secured card, an individual can get an unsecured credit card. This offer is three times faster than local banks. A Sable credit card also offers up to 2% cash back on your favorite brands.

Finally, you do not need a US credit history or an SSN to open a Sable account. International money transfers are also available in 55+ countries, and irrespective of your language, active customer support is always at your fingertips.

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Current is third on our list. As one of the rapidly expanding online-banking platforms in the US, Current has 1M+ customers. Current is not a bank, but a financial technology company, and they do not pull customers’ credit reports or use ChexSystems. Current’s mobile bank account has many features, including no-fee protection on overdrafts of up to $100.

They also offer no hidden or minimum-balance fees and provide access to about 40K All-Point ATMs with no fees. With a Current Premium account, payments are made up to two days early using direct deposit. As a plus, Current Savings Pods give up to 4% APY.

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Corporate America Family Credit Union

To be entitled to a Fresh-Start Checking account from the Corporate America Family Credit Union, you need to have $100 in your Regular Share account. This account attracts a monthly fee of $10. If you are new to banking and need mentorship to manage your checking account, the Corporate America Family Credit Union offers an online course titled, “Get-In-Balance,” for which you can sign up free and get all you need to know. Numerous co-op shared branches are located throughout Pennsylvania that you can use to your advantage.

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Sun Federal Credit Union

Sun Federal Credit Union is another financial institution that offers Fresh-Start Checking. The fee on this account is $10 per month. If your account remains in positive standing for a year, then it can be reviewed and upgraded to a regular checking account upon your request. To meet the qualifications for this account, you will be required to complete an online course called, “CheckRight,” which will teach you proper and better money management.

Although a branch of the Sun Federal Credit Union is not in Pennsylvania, there are numerous co-op shared branches and ATMs with no fees in the state.

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Utilities Employees Credit Union

Utilities Employees’ Credit Union (UECU) does not use of ChexSystems. This institution offers a Second-Chance Account called, “Advantages Green-Light Checking.” A minimum deposit of $25 is required to get this account up and running. The UECU account incurs a $12 monthly fee, as well.

Some unique bonuses that come with this account include a cash card that can be used at ATMs, an $8 reimbursement every month for surcharges on ATMs, plus free credit counseling aimed at assisting with rebuilding your checking-account history, along with your credit score.

If your account remains in positive standing without any insufficient-funds fees incurred after six months, the Utilities Employees’ Credit Union will upgrade it to an Advantages Checking Account.

Membership in the Advantages Green-Light Checking Account is available to individuals who work in the energy and utility industries, and their family members.

UECU has a vast network of ATMs located all around the state.

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Using the above list, you can be off to a great start with clearing your name from the ChexSystems database. By exploring the options in this article, you can comfortably conduct business transactions with any bank of your choice.

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