The Best Second-Chance Bank Accounts of 2022 Delaware

Best Second Chance Banks & Credit Unions in Delaware

Nowadays, it can be really hard to find a bank that doesn’t use credit reporting agencies in Delaware. But have no fear! Other options might be even better. A second chance bank account is a version of a standard checking account offered by a financial institution that doesn’t work with a credit reporting agency like EWS or ChexSystems. The bank can still check your history, but because it is a second chance bank, it offers an account with a slightly higher monthly payment.

At the end of the day, it’s not about giving out a loan or mortgage, but about letting you manage your funds!

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Chime is a fast-growing internet-only bank. Unlike big banks, Chime was created during the smartphone era and, therefore, features an app that is more than just a way for customers to review their bank accounts.

Features and Benefits:

  • Free Visa® debit card
  • Free online banking and mobile banking/deposits
  • No monthly account balance minimums

Why is it recommended for you?

Chime accepts all customers who apply. Even if you have bad or poor credit or have been blacklisted by ChexSystems or credit bureaus.

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Wilmington Savings Fund Society

Delaware citizens can take advantage of WSFS Bank's Second-Chance checking-account program. You must deposit at least $100 and pay a monthly service charge of $12.95 to open a Second-Chance checking account. However, you will have access to 40+ WSFS Bank branches across Delaware (e.g., Newark and Wilmington).

Best Aspects:

  • WSFS Bank offers 24/7 ATM service.
  • WSFS Bank offers access to 40 physical branches.

WSFS Bank offers a checking account in Delaware for people with poor credit.

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A poor banking history is not an issue with Chime. They provide a no-credit-check financial app, a debit card, and a credit-builder Visa credit card. The Chime Spending Account is completely free, with no monthly fees. They’ll even match your debit-card transactions up to $200 with no overdraft fees.

60K+ fee-free Money Pass and Visa Plus Alliance ATMs are available with Chime. Direct deposit also allows you to get your paycheck up to two days early.

Best Aspects:

  • Chime allows you to transmit and deposit checks, as well as pay bills.
  • Chime allows you to access your cash at 38K+ fee-free ATMs worldwide.
  • Chime offers an optional automated savings account that allows you to earn 0.50% annual percentage yield (APY) on your money.
  • Chime provides a free debit card.
  • There are no monthly service fees or overdraft fees.
  • Chime’s mobile app and website receive daily balance updates.
  • There are no international-transaction costs.
  • There are no minimum-balance fees.


The Chime Credit-Builder Visa Credit Card can help you start developing credit. There are no annual fees, no credit checks, and no interest rates with this secured credit card. You can also deposit cash at 8,500+ Walgreens locations for free.

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